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Sound Moderators - Proofed

Sound Moderators - Proofed

Due to UK Laws we are unable to sell any firearm or moderators directly through our website, all sales must be face to face.

Bradford Stalker can sell you a firearm or moderator but it must collected from the store or you can arrange for us to send it to a registered firearms dealer of your choice. Please be aware that the chosen firearms dealer will charge you a handling fee.

For more details please contact us on 0191 4100565


  • Best price for DPT Centrefire Over Barrel Sound Moderators, Shooting & Hunting

    DPT Centrefire Over Barrel Sound Moderators

    Over barrel suppressor Duralium, bead blasted and hardcoat anodized matte black This configuration has 4 baffle modules (equivalent to 5 baffles on the muzzle forward can) making it perfect for anything with a case capacity no larger than a 30-06. You...

  • Best price for DPT Rimfire Sound Moderator - 5 Baffles, Shooting & Hunting

    DPT Rimfire Sound Moderator - 5 Baffles

    DPT 5 rimfire sound moderator 100% aluminium, bead blasted and anodized matte black. This configuration has 5 baffle modules making it perfect for a .22LR, 22magnum or 17HMR rifle. Remove two baffles and it becomes a 22LR suppressor, remove two more...