Shotgun Cartridges

Shotgun Cartridges

We stock shotgun cartridges and ammunition from all the leading brands including Eley, Lyvale Express, Gamebore, Fiocchi, Hull,

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  • Fiocchi


    Fiocchi Cartridges Fiocchi has a worldwide good reputation, as manufacturer of ammunition of all types and calibres, for handheld firearms: from pinfire shot shells for guns with smoothbore barrels to pinfire metal cartridges for rifled barrels...
  • Gamebore

    Gamebore Cartridges

    Gamebore Cartridges Gamebore's commitment to innovation within the industry means their manufacturing process only involves the use of the finest components inclusing the Gordon Recoil System & Diamond shot which is unique to Gamebore UK. They have...
  • Hull

    Hull Shotgun Cartridges

    Hull Cartridges The Finest Ammunition A family manufacturing business, driven by an ambitious and innovative team, Hull cartridges are determined to deliver excellence in both product and services to an international market place. Our founder...
  • Lyalvale Express Cartridges for sale at Bradford Stalker UK

    Lyalvale Express Cartridges

    Lyalvale Express Established in 1983, Lyalvale has the enviable reputation as the UK’s no.1 manufacturer of shotgun cartridges for both game and clay. At Lyalvale we are all keen shooters, and passionate about the sport. It’s because of...