Cookies Policy


Cookies are very small files that are stored in a user’s computer whilst they are surfing the Net; these files store information of user's browsing data such as password, ID, preference etc so that webpage loading becomes faster when a user visits the same pages next time. According to new Cookie laws,Websites must inform users which cookies the site uses. To get the most out of this website you must "allow cookies" this tells us you have given your consent to the use of cookies.

Bradford uses these Cookies: 


This cookie is placed if you click the Allow button in this message. It tells us you have given your consent to the use of cookies on our site and stops this message from displaying.

Analytical Cookies:

These cookies help us track traffic sources to our website along with page counts, this helps us to measure the performance of our website. This is attained by means of a service offered by Google Analytics.

Third Party Cookies:

There are numerous social media tools that we utilize on our website to increase visitor interaction.if you use these social media platforms, their cookies may be set by means of our site.This data/information may then be gathered by companies that permit them to display advertisements on other websites that they believe may be appropriate as per your field of interest. Our website will not place these cookies on any of your devices, if you do not use such platforms.

Functional Cookies:

vital site functionality is allowed by ’functional cookies’. These are erased automatically when the browser is closed by the visitor ’functional cookies’ do not contain any private details.