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  • HIKMICRO Cheetah C32f-S
  • HIKMICRO Cheetah C32f-S



Introducing the HIKMICRO Cheetah C32f-S, the ultimate day and night vision scope designed for air rifles and rimfire rifles. This high-performance digital riflescope delivers unparalleled performance in both daylight and low-light conditions.

During the daytime, the Cheetah provides a high-resolution full-color image, allowing for clear target identification. As the light transitions into nightfall, the riflescope seamlessly switches to night mode, providing a detailed black and white image with an impressive detection distance of up to 400m. The built-in IR illuminator enhances visibility in complete darkness.

What sets the Cheetah apart is its unique ability to bridge the gap between day and night vision. Equipped with a CMOS sensor, it delivers a twilight full-color image, ensuring exceptional clarity and visibility at air rifle and rimfire ranges. It's worth noting that the Cheetah is also suitable for use with centerfire rifles, demonstrating its ruggedness and reliability even with heavy recoil.

Drawing on HIKMICRO's expertise in sensor technology and software design, the Cheetah delivers outstanding performance in various lighting conditions. The inbuilt IR provides up to 400m of detection range in total darkness, presenting a crisp image on the HD OLED display. The riflescope features a 2.7x optical magnification, which can be extended up to 8x using digital magnification, resulting in a magnification range from 2.7x to 22x.

For added convenience, the Cheetah comes with a Picatinny rail, making it ready to be attached to your rifle straight out of the box. Experience the ultimate versatility and performance with the HikMicro Cheetah Riflescope.

HIKMICRO Cheetah C32f-S Features

Sensor resolution: 2560 x 1440px
Frame rate, Hz: 25 Hz
Focal Length: 32mm
Minimum Focus Distance: 3m
Field of view: 8.1° x 6.1°
Aperture: F1.2
Magnification: 2.7x 
Full colour day mode: Yes
Black & White night mode: Yes
Detection Distance (with inbuilt IR): 400m
Type: 12.5mm OLED
Resolution: 1920 x 1080px
Image Modes: Day, Night, Auto, Defog
Exit Pupil: 6 mm
Eye Relief: 45 mm
Laser Range Finder  
Max. Measuring Distance: N/A
Measurement Accuracy: N/A
Safety Class for Laser: N/A
System Features:  
Magnification (Digital): 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x
One-Shot Zero: Yes
Standby mode: Yes
Picture-in-Picture: Yes
Recoil-Activated recording: Yes
Max Recoil: 750 g
Reticle Options: 5 Reticle Options
Zero Profiles: 5 Zero Profiles
Audio Recording: Yes
Wi-Fi Connection: Yes
HIKMICRO Sight App: Compatible
Storage: Built in 64 GB
Power Supply  
Battery: 1x Replacable 18650
Battery run time: 5.5 Hrs (Continuous running)
Battery Capacity display: Yes
Recharging method: External Charger (Supplied)
Working temperature: -30°C to 55°C
Dimensions: 182mm x 70mm x 87mm
Weight: 465g (Without eyepiece)
Degree of protection, IP code: IP67
Water protection: Protected against temporary submersion in water
Warranty Period
Main Unit: 3 years
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