HIKMicro Condor CQ50L

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  • HikMicro Condor CQ50L
  • HikMicro Condor CQ50L
  • HikMicro Condor CQ50L
  • HikMicro Condor CQ50L



The HikMicro Condor PRO CQ50L is a handheld thermal imager notable for its advanced thermal sensor and precision features. It employs a sub 20mK NETD 640x512 pixel thermal sensor, similar to the one in the HikMicro Falcon FQ series, housed in a new magnesium alloy body. This device is enhanced with a 1000m Laser Range Finder for accurate target measurements in day and night conditions.

Key features include an extensive detection range of up to 2600m and a variable magnification from 2.8x to 22x. The high-performance imagery is displayed on a 1024x768 OLED High Definition screen. The sub 20mk NETD thermal sensor is highly sensitive to minute temperature differences, providing exceptional clarity and definition even in challenging weather conditions like fog and rain.

The Condor CQ50L offers an 8.7 x 7-degree field of view, making it versatile for spotting wildlife in diverse environments, from woodlands to open moors. Its advanced "Image Pro" and "Zoom Pro" algorithms deliver optimized digital imaging and enhanced zoom capabilities, ensuring high-quality visuals with minimal pixelation and more retained details at higher magnifications.

The integrated Laser Rangefinder (LRF) is crucial for precise distance measurement. It is helpful in activities like deer stalking, vermin control, and wildlife surveys. It provides accurate measurements up to 1000m with an accuracy of +/- 1M.

The Condor boasts a fast startup time of less than 3 seconds and an extended run time, supported by three replaceable batteries, offering up to 13.5 hours of continuous operation. Additional functionalities include:

  • Audio and video recording capabilities.
  • WiFi connectivity for live streaming.
  • Device control via the HikMicro Sight app.

This combination of features makes the HikMicro Condor PRO CQ50L a highly capable thermal imager for various outdoor and surveillance applications.

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