Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 reticle #93 ZMOA-1 Illuminated

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  • Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 reticle #93 ZMOA-1 Illuminated
  • Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 reticle #93 ZMOA-1 Illuminated
  • Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 reticle #93 ZMOA-1 Illuminated
  • Zeiss Conquest V4 6-24x50 reticle #93 ZMOA-1 Illuminated
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The Zeiss Conquest V4 range of high-performance rifle scopes merges the tried-and-tested ZEISS optics concept with a robust and functional design. V4 models come with a 4x zoom and functional, high-precision, and entirely reliable mechanical components. Their compact build and ideal balance between a broad field of view and extensive magnification range make them perfect for all types of hunting.

Specific models possess a ballistic turret with an extensive reticle adjustment scope (elevation and windage), providing the hunter with the flexibility required for various hunting methods. Optional ballistic reticles are available, enabling the hunter to swiftly make elevation and azimuth corrections without needing mechanical adjustments.
The 24x magnification of the Conquest V4 6-24x50 and its parallax compensation make this scope ideal for accurate shots at long distances.

ZMOAi-1 | Reticle 93 Illuminated

The ZEISS ZMOA ballistic reticle is situated in the second image plane and has a subtension of 1 MOA (ZMOA-1) between the tick marks at the respective rifle scope's reference magnification. As the tick marks are only displayed along the crosshairs, the shooter retains an excellent overview of the entire field of view. They are suitable for both swift bullet drop compensation and wind drift correction. The ZEISS Hunting app can be utilised to quickly and accurately determine both values for virtually any ammunition and also illustrates the distance values in a visual representation of the reticle.

twilight_factors 16.4 – 34.6
functional_temperature_in FT: -25 | +50 °C
nitrogen_filling Yes
objective_tube_diameter 56 mm
eye_piece_tube_diameter 44 mm
centre_tube_diameter 30 mm
adjustment_range_height_a 1/4 MoA (0.7 cm /100 m)
adjustment_per_click_at_1 230 × 175 cm
parallax_free 45.7 m – ∞ (50 yds – ∞)
eye_relief 90 mm (3.54 ")
field_of_view_at_100m 6.3 – 1.6 m (19 – 5 ft)
reticle Reticle 60
length 368 mm
water_resistance 400 mbar
lotutec Yes
diopter_adjustment_range + 2.0 | − 3.0 dpt
subjective_viewing_angle 3.6° – 0.9°
exit_pupil_diameter 7.5 – 2.1 mm
effective_lens_diameter 44.9 – 50.0 mm
magnification 6 – 24 x


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