ZAN Projectiles .22 .217 Slugs SAMPLE PACK

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Find the perfect ammunition for your airgun with the Zan Projectiles .217 slug testing kit. These kits contain 30pcs of each weight so that you can test and find the exact slug that best fits your individual airgun. We also stock kits in other popular calibres.


Slugs in the Kit

  • 30 x 20gr
  • 30 x 23gr
  • 30 x 25.5gr
  • 30 x 28gr
  • 30 x 30.5gr
  • 30 x 33gr
  • 30 x 36gr
  • 30 x 40gr


Once you have tested the above calibres and found the perfect match for your airgun you can find larger tins of each weight and calibre so that you never run out.


More About Zan Slugs

Zan Projectiles slugs are developed with extremely tight tolerances to produce airgun ammunition that is supremely accurate. They will fit almost all .217 barrels on the market and are ideal for high or low powered airguns either sub 12ft/lbs or FAC. Their silky body and deep hollow points offer large expansion upon impact even on sub 700fps velocities. The shallow hollow base shape also allows these slugs to have the most accuracy whilst being suitable to a wide array of barrels.


Shooting Sub 12ft/lbs

These slugs are exceptionally effective in sub 12ft/lbs airguns that dont require a firearms license. These weights are a popular choice with target shooter and hunters alike. The shorter length but longer surfaces ensure the slugs stays true in the magazine, eliminating spinning which improves accuracy in lower power airguns. Built for improved performance at lower speeds, Zan slugs have been designed shorter and with a hollow point to stabilise better in break barrel and 12ft/lb PCP rifles where twist rates are typically slower than their FAC counterparts.


Ballistic Coefficient

20gr 0.070
23gr 0.075
25.5gr 0.082
28gr 0.090
30.5gr 0.097
33gr 0.107
36gr 0.115
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