Midland 3ltr 300bar Airgun Charging Kit

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The Midland 3ltr 300bar Airgun Charging Kit is a comprehensive solution for powering pre-charged air weapons. The kit includes a high-quality tank, compliant with British and international standards, and features the innovative 'Jubilee Range' 300 bar cylinder valve. The valve comes with an integrated dry gauge and bleed, and a 450mm hose with 1/8BSP fittings, making it compatible with almost any airgun. Users only need to add an adapter to make the system operational.

The cylinders are available in various sizes: 3, 4, 5, 7, or 12 liters. Each cylinder comes with a 5-year test from the date of manufacture. The time to the next test can vary depending on the duration the tanks have been in stock. The company ensures stock rotation to minimize this duration.

The 5-year test is in accordance with British Standards, which require diving cylinders to be tested every 2.5 years and surface-use cylinders, like Airgun Charging Cylinders, every 5 years. The type of valve fitted determines the cylinder's use. If it has surface-use features like the Jubilee Gun Valve, it gets a 5-year test. However, if the valve is suitable for diving, the test station treats it as a diving cylinder and awards a 2.5-year test, regardless of whether it's used for diving or not.

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