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  • FX Harmonic Barrel Tuner
  • FX Harmonic Barrel Tuner



The Harmonic Barrel Tuner FX ½ UNF enables you to tune your barrel in harmony with the ammunition you're using. This means that the oscillating movements made by a barrel during a shot can be adjusted. The accuracy of your airgun can be improved drastically by adjusting the frequency of these oscillating movements. Before, this was possible only by experimenting with the velocity of your ammo, and now it can be done with the Harmonic Barrel Tuner by FX Airguns.

There is no pre-written formula to tune your barrel, but with the Harmonic Barrel Tuner you are able to adjust the oscillations of the barrel to be in perfect balance with your chosen ammunition. This is an empirical process in which, through trial and error, you will start to see smaller shot groupings, evident to the harmony between your barrel and ammunition. Markings machined into the Harmonic Barrel Tuner enable you to re-use previous settings.

The Harmonic Barrel Tuner by FX fits on all airguns (.177/4.5 mm to .30/7.62 mm) with an external ½ UNF muzzle thread. It comes with three double threaded connectors, in .22/5.5 mm, .25/6.35 mm and .30/7.62 mm, which can be screwed into the tuner, and have a ½ UNF moderator screwed on its opposite thread.
The length of the tuner is about 58 mm.

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