Brocock Ghost Gen 4 buttplate

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BRK Ghost GEN4 Adjustable Butt Pad

Designed for the BRK Ghost by Precision Rifle Systems, the GEN4 Adjustable Butt Pad provides 3D gunfit for air rifle hunters and target shooters alike. Tailor your Ghost to your exact shooting stance for maximum performance!


Simple to fit with just hex keys. The GEN4 is supplied with an adapter plate, so will easily connect to the butt of the BRK Ghost. Once mounted, the GEN4 adjusts in three dimensions thanks to its multi-faceted design. Raise or lower the shoulder position. Individually adjust the depth and angle of the top and bottom claws in two planes to ensure a perfect aim. All adjustments made via hex bolts.

High quality construction

Precision machined from aluminium using CNC production techniques, the Ghost GEN4 has a tasteful black anodized finish to complement the Ghost’s tactical look. It is also light in weight so as to not upset the balance of your rifle combo. Plus, its ridged design also ensure the rifle will sit firmly in your shoulder and not slip.

Especially suited to competition shooters, the universal design also makes the GEN4 an ideal choice for field shooters. If you want the ultimate in bespoke fittings for your Ghost, you can’t go wrong with the PRS GEN4 Adjustable Butt Pad!

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