Brocock Ghost Carbine 300cc Pre Charged Air Rifle

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  • Brocock Ghost Carbine (shown with sound mod)
  • Brocock Ghost plus
  • Brocock Ghost Carbine 300cc Pre Charged Air Rifle
  • Brocock Ghost Carbine 300cc Pre Charged Air Rifle
  • Brocock Ghost Carbine 300cc Pre Charged Air Rifle
  • Brocock Ghost Carbine 300cc Pre Charged Air Rifle


The New BRK PCP flagship brings innovation in design and branding

Offering plenty for both 12ft/lbs and high-power shooters, the BRK Ghost incorporates the latest PCP tech and is built around a titanium-coloured chassis to maximise rigidity and accuracy. Three model configurations are available in .177, .22, .25 and .30 calibres, offering power up to 95 ft/lbs – and thanks to a quick and easy interchangeable barrel system, the BRK Ghost’s calibre can be swapped in minutes. 

The High Power BRK Ghost sports a 23in barrel and 480cc carbon air bottle, scaled down to 17in and 480cc for the Plus and a 17in barrel, short shroud and a diminutive 300cc bottle for the Carbine. At 842mm/3.4kg, 722mm/3.2kg, and 633mm/3.1kg, respectively, all three rifles are optimised for hunting in any environment, especially courtesy of the power dial at the back of the action. This offers no fewer than 20 settings, providing multiple power levels at your fingertips.

Additionally, higher-power models have another finger-adjustable dial to fine-tune the BRK Ghost’s regulator pressure, handily shown on a separate gauge – and with BRK’s proven sidelever action user-swappable from right- to left-hand operation, an adjustable cheek and buttpad, and left- or right- magazine feed, the new Ghost is truly ambidextrous. 

Supplied with a hard case, the BRK Ghost has a many desirable features: a fully-adjustable, match-style trigger, fully-shrouded barrel with a ½ in UNF thread for an additional silencer, cross-bolt manual safety, adjustable Picatinny scope rail and three additional accessory rails. A full range of accessories including butt pads, grips and rails from BRK’s official custom supplier PRS are also available – including a cheekpiece riser which allows the BRK’s magnetic magazine to ‘double-up’ by twinning two units back-to-back, offering an impressive onboard payload of between 16 and 26 shots according to calibre.

* scope shown in image not included

** sound mod shown on carbine not included

Ghost Carbine (300cc carbon bottle) £1550.00 

Ghost Plus (480cc carbon bottle) £1600.00



CARBINE Yes .177” (4.5mm 550 14-18 250 655 3.1
CARBINE Yes .22 (5.5mm) 570 25-35 230 655 3.1g
PLUS Yes .177” (4.5mm 550 14-18 460 731 3.2
PLUS Yes .22 (5.5mm) 570 25-35 430 731 3.2
RIFLE Yes .177” (4.5mm N/A 26-31 40 855 3.4
RIFLE Yes .22 (5.5mm) N/A 49-65 30 855 3.4
RIFLE Yes .25 N/A 56-70 30 855 3.4
RIFLE Yes .30 N/A 70-95 25 855 3.3
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