Benelli 828U Sport Black 12G

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Exclusively designed for Sporting and Compak, the Benelli 828U Sport is based on the revolutionary Lock Plate, the unfailing closing system of 828U Platform, while vaunting a 100% Sporting DNA. The ExtraordinaryDynamic Behavior of 828 U Sport is guaranteed by its 3,650 g. weight, perfectly balanced on the rotating pins, with the possibility to further adjust the position of the center of gravity thanks to the patented  Progressive Balancing system. The anatomically-shaped stock and the possibility for a fine regulation of drop and cast allowed by Perfect Fitting lead to a total ergonomics of the shotgun. 828U Sport relies on a clever combination of technologies and design the ensure high ballistic performance: Powerbore Technology, Cryogenic Treatment of barrels and chockes, solder-free barrels, maximize precision,  speed and braking power of the patterns; anti-glare matte finish, carbon fibre wide rib, white sight, ensure that the focus is exclusively on the target. The outstanding Trigger Group is light, ready and crisp for an unmatched glass rod breaking feeling. Discover the unparalleled features that makes 828U Sport “ the sporting over and under”.

Crio System

Superior shooting performance thanks to uniform barrel vibration and expansion during firing; broader, more even and more uniform hot patterns. Benelli is the first firearms manufacturer to apply industrial cryogenic treatments to small arms barrels and chokes in order to enhance ballistic performance. Until now, the cost and complexity of cryogenic treatments have limited applications to high-tech industries like aerospace, surgical instruments and other specialist sectors.

The first element of the Crio System is the Crio barrel. Cryogenically treated steel expands very little under the effects of heat and pressure. This allows Crio barrels to vibrate and expand uniformly on firing. As the graphic shows, the pattern obtained using a Crio barrel is broader, better distributed and more uniform, and pattern centres do not shift as the number of rounds fired increases, all to the benefit of accurate shooting. Cryogenic treatment also extends barrel life by improving resistance to wear and attack by combustion residues.

The Crio System has also been successfully applied to the choke. Crio chokes are elongated in shape with a particularly gentle and gradual taper to the barrel bore (1). These characteristics have been specially developed to avoid clustering and to reduce shot deformation. It is a well-known fact of aerodynamics that a perfectly spherical ball will move faster and in a straighter line than a flattened or deformed one.

Benelli’s Crio System gives shot patterns that are considerably denser and better distributed towards the centre and at the edges. These photographs of shot in flight, taken by Benelli’s own Research and Development department using special equipment, compare the results obtained from a Crio barrel and Crio choke (2) with those obtained from a standard barrel and choke.


The barrel Power Bore cryogenic drilling with diameters selected and extremely low speeds and provides greater penetration of the target. Cryo Power Bore hole drilling on a perfect bull's-eye target and insured. 

Perfect Fitting

Fine drop and cast regulation is permitted by 40 different shim combinations for a perfect and natural aim.

Lock Plate

The 828 U’s steel locking mechanism is made to last and eliminates mechanical stress at the break action.


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