Weihrauch HW90K

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This is the Weihrauch HW90K, it is the latest offering from Weihrauch using some cutting edge Gas Ram technology. This HW90K is produced in collaboration with the UK's most innovative airgun manufacturer, Theoben. The HW90K is Europe's most exciting hunting rifle. Powered by Theobens unique gas-ram technology, the HW90K is super-fast to shoot and produces awesome accuracy, consistency and power with minimal recoil. The HW90K has all the durability of a break barrel sporter with the sophistication of a hi-tech supergun. The HW90K has a specially designed elite trigger assembly that features a two stage action and safety reset catch. The carbine version come ready fitted with a silencer for the ULTIMATE hunter.

Weihrauch HW90K Features

  • 22 Calibre
  • Length: 108cm
  • Energy 11 - 12ft/lbs Under the legal limit
  • Single Shot
  • Break Barrel
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Adjustable 2-Stage Trigger
  • Rifled Steel Barrel
  • Ambidextrous Stock
  • Efficient Gas Ram Filling System
  • Scope Rail as Standard
  • High Cheek Piece
  • Safety Reset Catch
  • Muzzle Break


Weihrauch sound mod included.

Scope not included.

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