Tetra Cleaner Degreaser 4oz

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Tetra Degreaser 4oz

The Latest Gun Cleaner Technology for Routine, Safe Firearms Cleaning in a Water-based Form as a Great Pre-Treatment for Tetra Gun Grease and Tetra Gun Lubricant
The new "green" Tetra Degreaser 4oz is a water-based formula designed to effectively remove lead and carbon fouling as well as pre-existing lubricant and solvent residue from firearm parts. The product also includes a special additive to prevent flash rust from forming before parts are re-lubricated. What's more, after wiping down gun parts, Tetra Degreaser 4oz leaves virtually no residue.

Tetra Degreaser 4oz features
  • Easy-to-use liquid pump spray for hard-to-reach locations
  • Cleaning & degreasing power for most light duty jobs
  • Safe to use; no harsh solvents
  • Environmentally friendly; mild odor
  • Won't harm finishes, wood, rubber or plastics/polymers
  • Just spray, wipe off and you?re done!
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