Steyr Pro X Scout Wood

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The Steyr Pro X Scout represents the shortened version of the Steyr Pro X, a bullpup air rifle renowned for its semi-automatic firing capability of ten shots. This design variation, with a length reduced to 630mm, offers enhanced maneuverability without compromising performance. Notably, the pellets are directly expelled from the magazine, ensuring safety by preventing any residual pellets in the barrel upon magazine removal. Considerable attention was dedicated to achieving optimal balance and ergonomic comfort during the development of the Steyr Pro X. Additionally, this air rifle is engineered to minimize bounce. It features a barrel length of 520mm, further contributing to its exceptional performance.

  • 10 quick shots due to automatic repeating system
  • Total length just 630 mm (Scout)
  • Bounce free system
  • Easy handling due to the well-balanced design
  • Maximum safety: The pellet is shot directly out of the magazine. No pellet remains in the barrel when magazine is removed
  • Available in energy of 7,5/16/24 joule (calibre.177) and 7,5/16/24/40 joule (calibre .22)
  • Stock made out of nut wood or laminated wood (no additional costs)
  • Optional with sound-absorbing barrel sleeve (Scout)

scope not included

  • calibre | energy: 4,5 mm (.177) | 7,5 / 16 / 24 Joule
  • calibre | energy: 5,5 mm (.22) | 16 / 24 / 40 Joule
  • total length: 630 mm
  • total height: 200 mm
  • length of barrel: 520 mm
  • total weight: ca. 3.200 g
  • trigger: mechanical
  • trigger pull: 550 – 700 g
  • 90 cm plastic case
  • Compressed air cylinder with pressure gauge
  • Weaver Rail
  • 10-shot drum magazine
  • tools
  • filling adapter
  • operator's manual
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