RTI Bipod Rail Extension

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  • RTI bipod rail extension
  • RTI bipod rail extension
  • RTI bipod rail extension




The RTI Bipod Rail Extension is an accessory designed to enhance your shooting setup's stability and accuracy, especially when using RTI rifles such as the Priest and Prophet models. This extension allows the bipod to be mounted further forward on the rifle, which increases accuracy by distributing the gun's weight more evenly and altering the gun's pivot point. This accessory makes mechanical balancing less necessary as the bipod holds the front end up. At the same time, the shooter steadies the rear of the firearm.


The RTI Bipod Rail Extension also features an Arca Swiss Dovetail and a Picatinny rail, making it versatile for different mounting options. The Arca Swiss Dovetail is particularly useful for mounting on tripods, while the Picatinny rail accommodates various other accessories. Moreover, the extension's long rail provides a substantial amount of space for shooters to mount their bipod forward or to place their Arca system anywhere along the rail, fitting not only RTI rifles but also many others like the FX Impact, Edgun Leshiy Classic, and Leshiy 2.


This rail extension goes directly on the 22mm Picatinny rail below the weapon, providing a stable and secure platform for mounting a bipod or other accessories to improve the balance and handling of the rifle during shooting. By offering greater flexibility in mounting options and promoting better weight distribution on the gun, the RTI Bipod Rail Extension is a valuable addition for shooters looking to optimize their setup for precision shooting.


RTI Priest / Prophet bipod rail extension.

Arca swiss, dovetail and picatinny rail

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