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Decoying Products

  • Mojo Super Critter Decoy buy cheap from bradford stalker

    Mojo Super Critter Decoy.

    The Mojo Super Critter is one of the most effective predator decoy's available.Using tantalising motion and sound to attract predators, the Supper Critter also includes magnetically connected Critter topper, built-in disappearing tri-pod legs, super...

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  • Best price for FUD Greylag Goose Decoy 6 Pack

    FUD Greylag Goose Decoy 6 Pack

    NRA's Fold Up Decoy (FUD) range is designed to provide unprecedented decoying functionality and fulfil the demand for a flat packed model. Their range is effective, functional and boasts a range of features that have quickly proven popular since their...

  • U-Caller External Speaker

    The sound is crisp and clear. This will give your caller an extended range for even better calling. Effective to over 100db ! Utilizes a standard 3.5mm mini jack so can be used with the entire U-Caller range and most other callers. Adjustable...

  • U-Caller Remote

    U-Caller Remote

    Real call preloaded include: fox, vixen, rabbit, hare, magpie, crow, hooded crow and magpie chatter. Please note, all these calls are changeable.Caller can be loaded with other calls, such as duck, goose, deer etc, simply plug the unit into your PC with...

  • Close Range Predator Call

    Close Range Predator Call

    This close range predator call is specially designed for close-in calling. Two black cycolac mouthpieces are combinded with a tough mylar reed for long life and reliability. By biting down it can be muted down to barely audible squeaks and cries to coax...

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  • Grey Lag Goose Call

    Grey Lag Goose Call

    Grey Lag Goose Call by Illinois River. This call is made to produce the low coarse sound of the Greylag goose.

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  • Canada Goose Call

    Canada Goose Call

    Blue Lakes Canada Goose Call by Illinois River. This conventional style goose call has a longer bell and larger tonal bell hole which produces a low Canada goose sound. 

  • Acme predator warbler

    Acme predator warbler

    Acme predator warbler also known as a widgeon whistle. A blow and suck whistle that makes the quiet sounds of a bird or injured small animal. Used for very close work.

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