Tetra 3 Piece Brush Set

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Tetra 3 Piece Brush Set

Cleaning, polishing and restoring your firearm with the Tetra 3 piece brush set has never been so easy, this multipurpose brush set allows you to remove even the most stubborn residue and fouling. The nylon brush is ideal for removing fresh carbon or powder residue from inside or outside the barrel or action, whilst the bronze brush is perfect for cleaning metal surfaces such as slides, receivers and locking lugs. For fouling and residue that can't be removed by the nylon or bronze brush, simply use the stainless steel brush. 

All the Tetra 3 piece brush set brushes feature a ridged handle for a firm grip and they are durable and reusable. The large sized bristles will clean large areas quickly and they are great at effectively applying lubricants and cleaning solvents. Ideal for use on shotguns, rifles and black powder guns, we have a set of Tetra 3 piece brush set in our workshop and find them invaluable.

All-Purpose Brushes with Large-Sized Bristles to Clean Large Areas

• Remove stubborn contaminants such as fouling and burn marks from firearm barrels

• Effectively apply lubricants and cleaning solvents
• Long, ridged handles for a firm grip
• Durable and reusable
• Will not scratch your barrel

Please get in touch if you have any questions about the Tetra 3 piece brush set.

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