Savage B-Mag 17WSM Heavy Stainless Barrel Laminate Thumbhole

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This Savage B-Mag 17WSM has a 22" heavy stainless barrel which is screw cut ½" UNF and laminate thumbhole stock.

The 17 Winchester Super Magnum delivers velocities of 3000 fps with a 20-grain bullet, or 2600 fps with a 25-grain bullet, making it the fastest rimfire cartridge ever developed. Based off of a 27 caliber power fastener blank, this cartridge produces centerfire velocities and energy in a more affordable rimfire package.

When the 17 Win. Super Magnum rimfire load was under development, Savage accepted the challenge of designing an entirely new rimfire rifle from the ground up. The high velocities of these new loads led Savage to design features into the B.MAG that are typically reserved for centerfire rifles. In order to maximize accuracy in this long-range shooter, Savage utilized their unique thread-in barrel headspacing system, rear-locking lugs, a cock-on-close bolt and Savage's light, crisp AccuTrigger™.

Savage B Mag Features

  • Completely new compact rimfire action with rear locking lugs and cock-on-close bolt.
  • Same thread-in barrel headspacing system as Savage's centerfire rifles.
  • Center-feed rotary magazine.
  • Light, crisp AccuTrigger is user-adjustable without special tools.
  • Soft rubber butt pad.
  • Hidden action-screws.
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